Sophia’s Peter Pan and Pixie Hollow Party

All You Need is Faith and Trust and a Little Bit of Pixie Dust…and your child will have a fabulous birthday party!

Sophia turned 4 and wanted a Peter Pan Party but she wanted to be Silvermist, her favorite Disney Fairy. Thus was born the Peter Pan and Pixie Hollow party.

I like having parties at home because she can invite her whole class and not make anyone feel left out. It’s fine for families to bring siblings and we can all have a relaxing afternoon. It’s also a lot cheaper than paying for a kids venue and all the grown-ups get to have some wine or beer…which is nice.

For the invitations I used leftover sparkling gold paper from our wedding programs and printed them out at home. We added our own pixie dust! This was super simple and basically free!

I always like to have something big and fun for the kids to play in. Last year I built Sophia a Princess Castle but this year we went with a giant pirate ship fit for Hook, Pan and the Fairies! It is built out of 7 cardboard refrigerator boxes using Mr. McGroovy’s plans for a pirate ship ($4.99) and a combination of his box widgets and a lot of machine screws and furring strips to sturdy the ship for 40 little scalawags. His plans are awesome but I will post a how-to so you can see the steps.

The Pirate Ship

You can’t have a pirate ship without a pirate and my neighbor was nice enough to let us borrow his! The blackguard talks and waves his sword. He is awesome! The kids loved using the microphone to talk through the pirate and watch his mouth move! It was hilarious.

Of course, Sophia needed a Pixie Hollow scene fit for Silvermist so I picked up this 8×12 foot mural from Party City for $19.99. Usually I hate to spend money on this kind of stuff but I was beat after the pirate ship and I could not have painted anything like this!

The girls and boys posed for pictures in front of the pirate ship and pixie hollow and I will include those pictures in their thank you cards. Here’s my clan! I love their costumes!

Silvermist posed in front of her ship after the festivities were over.

I got a few pictures of me for a change too!

Miles is a huge fan of the pirate! He looks like he could take him down! Actually, he spent a lot of the time feeding the pirate goldfish.

All of our little people loved playing in the ship too. It will be around for a month or so and we’ll host a neighborhood playdate again so everyone can enjoy it.

We had a search for gold coins in the back yard that was a bug hit as well as a coloring table where the kids could color pictures from Peter Pan that I printed at home. The kids danced and played to the music from Peter Pan, which I downloaded from itunes.

Usually I bake a cake but this year I just picked one up from the grocery store and decorated it with tiny Disney fairies I found at target. She loved it and gets to keep the figures!

Overall the party was a huge success and my little fairy Silvermist was so excited to have all of her friends come to her Pixie Hollow party.

She got to see her grandparents and her cousins and I got to see my mom, which made me so happy!

I was just so excited to give my daughter such a special 4th birthday party. I hope she will never forget it…but just in case, I took almost 300 pictures to remind her.

This is not the best but it’s my favorite…my beautiful firstborn fairy.

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