Five awesome apple watch accessories

Five awesome apple watch accessories

Apple watches are one of the best customizable tech products that have earned its top position as the best watch in the market. The apple watch is made of different types and versions, each designed with several case materials, various straps, and cellular connections. Therefore, complimenting the Apple Watch with some accessories is essential.

Since it’s essential to consider purchasing some accessories to make the apple watch as unique as possible, these are some of the supplements found at proofwearable.

The top apple watch accessories

Since apple watch accessories will ensure that the watch is unique, it is important to have one. The accessories range from straps, travel and protection cases, and storage systems for the apple watch or its straps. The best apple watch accessories include the following.

Five awesome apple watch accessories

  • Belkin powerhouse

It is a perfect option that allows users to charge their apple watch and phone simultaneously. It is designed in a simple and unfussy way by a good brand. It is perfect for persons who want to make their designs look better. It takes little space and leaves both displays easy to be seen, especially if one wakes up at night. The cables are also entirely hidden such that only one is plugged into the mains.

  • Apple MagSafe duo charger

It is a smart charger that one can use simultaneously on iPhone and an Apple watch. It allows the watch to be placed upright for nightstand mode. The wireless charger is an excellent compact folding design, taking minimal space. It will charge iPhone and Watch at the same rate. It has a lighting-to-USB-C cable though an adapter is not provided.

  • Spigen rugged armor pro apple watch case

The apple watch keeps the wearable safer. It ensures that the watch is completely protected. It works with Apple series 4,5,6 and SE, and it’s compatible with a wireless charger. Despite this, it is limited to the 44 mm apple watch models. It protects the apple watch all over except for the digital crown and display. The screen is protected from scrapes and knocks by the raised bezel.

  • Apple Watch magnetic charging dock

It is exquisite for persons who don’t prefer charging multiple devices at once. The dock snaps the back of the watch and charges it magnetically. The dock is used while the watch is not used since it charges it via the back part. The watch can be used as a bedside clock throughout the night when placed on the sideway. Although the dock has a large base, it is sleek and stylish and the only official charger used. The charging dock marks the trademark elegance and simplicity of the apple watch.

  • Belkin valet charge dock

It is designed to keep the apple watch elevated. Although it does not hold the watch in a nightstand mode, it has an in-keeping design and is compact. It is also perfect for simultaneously charging the iPhone and the apple watch. It is permanently integrated into a dock. Being solid makes it suitable for use with home or office while the one bought with the apple watch is used as a travel charger.

All these accessories are found at, which offers the best supplements to suit and protect the apple watch. The site is reputable in distributing the best apple watch accessories with a secure payment and free shipping for any order.

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