DIY Plumbing Pipe Table

I love an easy project that costs a little and packs a big punch. This DIY Plumbing Pipe Table is my new favorite thing ever! After years of looking for a trestle table to fit our banquette, I saw a beauty on West Elm for $2000! Yeah, right. My husband and my wallet balked at that.

I made my Pluming Leg Table for about $100 and ooh is it pretty! You can get all the materials from Home Depot or Lowe’s, but I found it to be less expensive to hit up a local hardware store that sells pipe by the foot. This way you can get the exact lengths that you want for the exact table height that you want. I used the top of an old coffee table for my tabletop, but it would be super simple to stain a piece of wood in any size you so desire! That would probably bring the cost to about $125 to purchase the wood and stain.

DIY Plumbing Pipe Table

This whole project took just a couple of hours once I had my materials. I needed a very narrow base to act as a trestle for our petite eating area. As my measurements are so unique, I will tell you how to figure out what you need.

Material List for the Plumbing Table

1. Your Pipes & Fittings: I used 1 inch pipes for this project. They come in black and silver, but it looks much better to paint either one, because they usually have markings on them and the color is not uniform. You need to decide your measurements and keep in mind that plumbing pipes are not meant to screw all the way. You will see some of the threading area and that is okay! I think it looks oh so cool.

Please keep in mind that the more you have your pipes threaded, the further in they will go. I loved that at the hardware store I could try out each joint to get my perfect length and width. Because the table takes no time at all to put together, it is great to test out your joints at the store.

(1) 1 inch pipe for the center support. This is your longest pipe. The t-joint is approximately 2 1/2″ of extra length and you must figure that about 1/2″ of your pipe will be inside that joint. So, take your total desired length and subtract 4″ to arrive at your necessary length.

(4) 1 inch floor flanges. These attach the legs to your table top.

(6) 1 inch t-joints. Three for each leg.

(4) 1 inch pipes cut to join the legs and the center of your table together. I needed a very narrow table so mine are a little less than 4″.

(4) 1 inch pipes cut for the bottom of your table legs. I used 6 inch pipes.

(4) 1 inch pipes cut for the top of your table legs. I used 19 inch pipes. I wanted my tabletop to be at 30″. So, 19+6+3+ 2 (my tabletop) = 30!

2. Spray Paint: Choose the color of your choice in a paint appropriate for metal. I chose a matte black.

3. Wood screws to fit your flange: Ask about the appropriate size in your store.

4. Floor Protectors or Feet: I chose these easy slide rubber covers from Home Depot. I used a rubber mallet to pound them on. The table now does not damage my floor and slides easily for cleaning.

5. Wood for Your Tabletop: Lowe’s sells wood tabletops in many standard sizes and can easily cut them if you need something of a different size. You could also find a wood tabletop after yard sale hopping, on craigslist or on a coffee table left in a dumpster as I did. Score for me!

DIY Plumbing Pipe Table

How to Build the Plumbing Pipe Table

It is basically just a matter of screwing your pieces together.

Start with the two cross pieces. Loosely fit all your pipes and then adjust until the two completed ends are the same width.

Your next step will be to screw the long middle piece in. You can adjust everything at this point so your pieces are square and everything is facing the right way. The great thing about this is that the threading allows you to get the pieces exactly where you need them.

Once you have your base you can go ahead and screw your legs in. I started with the bottom 4 and then moved on to the top 4. Again, you can adjust the bottom four legs even once the tabletop is attached, making it super easy to level your table on any floor!

Now you’ve got your table bottom and you can take that baby somewhere to spray paint. I did 3 coats for really great coverage.

Once your spray paint is completely dry, you can screw on your top. Measure carefully to assure it is centered on your table and start with once screw in each flange to allow for small adjustments. It is always safer to anchor each leg this way before completely screwing in a leg and then finding out the overall piece has shifted.

You can see the bottom of the old coffee table. I swear it took longer to take that baby apart than build this new table!

Your final step will be to attach your feet so the metal does not ruin your floors.

Adjust your legs so that your table is level on any floor and enjoy your handiwork!

If you like this project, I would love a Pin, a Tweet a Like or share wherever you love to hang out on these internets. Thank you so much for reading. I hope all of your projects make your home just a little bit happier. That’s Vandy!!!

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