Disney Autograph Book Free Printable

Just a few years ago I wrote the most popular post on this site, the DIY Disney Autograph Book. Everyone loved it, but not everyone wanted to make it. That’s understandable. It took a long time. Today, I have the printable autograph book for you to download and take on your magical Disney adventure! I hope you enjoy it as much as we have over the years.

Disney Autograph Book Printable

There are more than 100 characters represented on the pages plus a few pages at the end for extra signatures. I’ve included pages for every kind of character from Disney Classics, Disney Princesses, Disney Villains, Disney Junior and the more recent Disney movies. There are even pages for Star Wars and Indiana Jones. Not every character meets every day. Some are regulars and some are rare. Whether your family just wants to meet the big guys or loves to find the rare character, this book will have you covered.

We started using these books when my kids were just 3, 2 and 12 weeks old. They were awesome in preparing the kids for our trip and for helping them learn who the characters are and get excited when they saw them. Since that first trip almost 7 years ago we have gathered almost 100 character autographs and still have a fairly long list of love to meet characters.

Pluto Meet

This printable is formatted to be printed on letter size paper and will work at this size in any binder. We cut the book down and bind it at Staples (or any office printing store) for the parks. It makes the flipping really easy and fits nicely in a backpack or thrown in the bottom of the stroller. You will notice an open area at the top and bottom of the page when you print. The area at the top is for top binding. We have the books cut to 9 inches long for the trip so the area at the bottom is cut off.

I suggest printing on cardstock so you have a more durable book and the sharpies don’t bleed through to the next page. The Disney characters with fur have trouble with pens and sign with the fat sharpies. We have the books bound with a clear cover and the thickest plastic back. This protects the books. It costs about $10 plus the cost of printing, which I do at home.

Disney Autograph Book Printable

If you choose to make 8×8 scrapbooks from the pages, you will simply cut the remaining space off the pages, which leaves you with a nice edge. The edges of any book can get a little worn in the parks as you can see in the above photo. Here’s a page my almost 4-year-old made in 2010. We still flip through these all the time. The pages are so much fun to make and can be done one at a time, adding stickers and photos.

Printable Disney Autograph Book

My kids absolutely love these books and the characters always get a kick out of them and chat the kids up about their special pages. All the kids in line love looking through these special Disney Autograph books as well. They are a big improvement over the small blank page books they sell at the parks, in my opinion.

Disney Stepsisters Meet

A huge part of the Disney magic is in the characters we know and love. These autograph books just help bring a little extra magic!

Tinkerbell Meet

I should show you at least one of the princesses, right? Even I love to meet them and get my picture with the characters from my childhood.

Snow White Meet

Without further ado, please enjoy this Free Printable Disney Autograph Book.

Please feel free to ask me any questions in the comments. Please share with your friends and fellow Disney lovers! I hope you enjoy this as much as we do. I am planning on making some half letter size books as well.

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