The Skinny on Brittany and That’s Vandy

This is Me and My People

One of them I married 10 years ago. His name is Ross. Three of them we made together. Sophia came first, then Miles and then Violet. Right in a row. These people aren’t perfect…no one is…but they are all kinds of awesome.

Vandy Family

The Pursuit of Awesome

Doesn’t everybody want a life full of awesome? I’m not saying that everything in my life is full of sunshine, but I can say that I am trying to fill my life with as much awesome as possible. That’s the Vandy way. Feel free to say “hey girl, that’s Vandy” when something rocks. You can say anything actually, I just think it would be cool for this one to catch on like “wicked cool” did way back when.

That’s Vandy is focused on the things that make life better and creating a community that wants everybody to rock the awesome and will support each other in our pursuits.

Just a Few Things that Make Life Better Around Here

Lots of Love from Family and Friends

Open heart and open home is the way we roll. Just as we are not perfect nor expected to be, our homes are happier when we welcome people in. That’s why I focus on celebrating. It’s not just for birthdays, though what a great time to party! Dinner with friends, a neighborhood pot luck, a brunch with the girls, a play date…there are so many ways to celebrate the everyday with people we care about.

Being a Mother

Parenting is hard and harder and sometimes messy too, but it carries more blessings and joy and giggles than anything else in the world. Little people will one day rule the world, and right now they rock mine. I wrote Mommy Words for almost 5 years before starting this site, and I learned more about myself in that time than I could possibly explain. Most of these posts are now contained in my Diary, as many of our regular activities and milestones will be going forward. I never want to abandon the personal in blogging, because I believe getting to know people is the very best thing about being online.

A Little Style for Ourselves and Our Homes.

I think putting a little time into our personal appearance and the place we live makes life feel better. It is fun and creative and lets us express ourselves. Whether we make a purchase or make something with our own two hands, we can take pride in putting a little style in our lives.

Homemade Handiwork

Buying the perfect thing is cool, but making it, well, it adds a whole new level of awesome. I know everyone is not Martha, and I admit to being very crafty and handy myself, but here I will be featuring projects for all skill levels and I think everyone will find something to make and love.


Seeing the world is my dream. I am a homebody nomad. I love to spend time in my home, but I adore getting out of it and experiencing new things. The world is a beautiful place. You can start exploring it right in your own backyard. Here’s how I think about it. Charlotte is our home. The Carolinas are our backyard. The East Coast is our playground. The U.S. is our Oyster. The world is our dream. Now it sort of sounds possible, right?

I will share our adventures here on That’s Vandy as well as travel tips and tutorials and I hope to hear from you about the places you have been and dream of going!

2013 Means Tech

Technology is a wonderful thing and there are hundreds if not thousands of tools to explore that can make life easier and actually give you more time to live. There are also some products and apps that are just downright cool. When I find one, I will let you in on it and tell you where it rocks and where it drops. I’m a bit of a geek and I love to try the newest technology. There really is something for everybody and I love how technology can bring us closer together and make the world a smaller place.

Using Our Voices

There’s a lot going on in the world. Raising kids raised the stakes for me, and I want to make sure that we can have honest conversations about the issues and events in our world. If we are pursuing awesome we need to be having conversations about how to get there and we need to be doing more than talking, we need to be doing. Through sharing my thoughts, welcoming others to share theirs and highlighting causes that can change the world, I hope That’s Vandy can help make a difference.

Clearly, That’s Vandy is a Lifestyle Site.

Now let’s get to living!

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