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Several Common Faults and Solutions of Shower Faucets

Most shower faucet problems are related to the installation. Often, homeowners will handle shower faucet installation as a DIY project. But if not done correctly, it can damage some parts or result in an incorrect installation. In that case, you’ll experience leaking, water pressure, and faucet damage issues. Here are five common colonne de douche avec robinet and how to fix them.

#1. Leaking or Dripping Faucet

 It is a common problem that any household can encounter daily. Fortunately, it is among the easiest to fix. But sadly, other than the annoyance the drip causes, leaking can also waste a lot of water. Plus, it poses a safety danger, which forces you to incur expensive utility costs from water consumption that you didn’t even use.

A leaky faucet is mostly caused by a damaged washer inside. Change the washer and see if it fixes the problem. Also, try to tighten your shower valve to solve this issue.

#2. Low Water Pressure

 Like leaking, low water pressure is also a common problem with shower faucets. The problem could be caused by a poor construction of your house’s main water pipe, your water filter, or other factors unrelated to the faucet.

It also could be that your faucet is clogged with rubbish from a dirt water pipe. Thankfully, it’s a simple DIY project to fix. Take a soft brush and brush the holes of the faucet to remove dirt. If you can, remove it and clean the holes thoroughly. If an error in your plumbing system causes the issue, you may have to call a plumber to fix it.

shower faucet

#3. No Water from the Faucet

 Nothing can be more annoying than turning on your water pipe, and nothing comes out of the faucet. The reason is mostly blockages in your water pipes or shower faucet.

Households using hard water and have older faucet fixtures are likely to have mineral deposits in the faucet. However, even new fixtures can still collect dirt and block water from flowing.

Such cases usually require a professional plumber, although you can do it yourself. However, before you get into the plumbing, first check whether the shutoff valve is operating as it should. Ensure that it is fully open as it might be closed by accident.

If the fixture is the problem, you have to take it out, clean all the valves and chambers, then fix it. It’s always best to call a plumber to ensure proper reinstallation of these parts. Otherwise, if everything is not correctly fixed, your faucet may not work properly.

#4. Tarnishing of Shower Faucet

 When you don’t use your faucet for a long time, some parts or the entire faucet can start tarnishing. Your faucet’s functionality and water quality are significantly affected when this happens. The best solution is to check and replace the tarnished parts like the sprout or hose. If it’s the whole faucet, you may have to invest in a new one.

#5. Faucet Noise

 A noisy shower faucet can be a nuisance. It usually occurs due to faults in different parts. When you hear noises from your faucet, it could mean that your water supply system is vibrating. A faulty, worn-out, or loose washer is usually to blame.

However, it may be problems with your gasket check valve, seal, or cartridge. Such issues can cause vibrating, hammering, humming, banging, or knocking noises. You’ll have to troubleshoot your water supply system and faucet to know which part is to blame for the noise.

Final Thoughts

 Shower faucet problems are common. Thankfully, you can fix most of them yourself without needing a plumber. However, if a problem is serious or you don’t trust your skills, seek help from a professional to avoid worsening it.

Create your own bathroom design style through the shower faucet

If you are like most people, the start-up of your day is in the shower. In fact, it may be the first wake-up call for you, especially if you are having a difficult time opening up your eyes from its asleep state.

On the other hand, if the light from the sun does not send an alert to you, the water streaming down your face should be enough to awaken you completely. Whatever the case or situation, if you want your home to have that special zing that you think it needs, you may want to concentrate on creatively designing your next bathroom remodeling project around a stilvolle duscharmatur.

With that being said, here are few shower faucet decorative ideas that you may want to use to get you started.

bathroom design style

1. Consider a Simple Faucet Design: But add Different Colors to Change and Spice It up to Your Custom Needs

If you are looking to keep your décor simple and not complex, you may want to consider installing a fixed shower head in your bathroom. Because this type of shower head is quite basic , the decor that you choose will most likely be basic, too. However, if you want to design your bathroom around the faucet for your shower, you may want to think about what color fits best in your bathroom. Or, if you are working on a completely new bathroom design, you can choose any color that you like and prefer. For instance, there is a wide range of shower head colors on the market and they can help to set the tone for the entire bathroom.

Here are just a few great recommendations to get you started with your own customized bathroom designs.

Select a beautiful deep aqua blue shower faucet. When you select this color, this is also a basic blue color that can be used on the wall of the bathroom. You may also choose to buy bathroom accessories as well in this same color.

2. Choose an Overhead Shower Design: Creates a Relaxing Environment in Your Bathroom

The illusion that you create when you are decorating your bathroom can make a huge difference in the style that you are trying to achieve. For instance, if your decor looks like the water is pouring directly down from your ceiling, your entire bathroom can look like a scene out of your favorite beach movie. Whatever the case, an overhead shower situated at the top of your ceiling can be a very appealing light hearted scene. This is a scene and illusion that virtually anyone who likes an open space shower appearance can appreciate.

3. Choose the LED Lighting Design: Create a More Modern Day and Contemporary Look

Every home decorator and designer knows that lighting sets the mood of any room of the home. In fact, whenever you position the lighting in specific places, the environment may feel open, airy, and filled with a lot of space. On the other hand, if you can place the lighting in a room to make the area feel smaller, you can enjoy a space that is not only more intimate but cozy.

Keeping these things in mind, today designers can use the same and similar designer techniques in their showers and bathrooms, too. These effects can now be achieved by installing LED Shower Head faucets in different shapes, sizes and colors. The look that is selected can also be customized to fit a specific person’s stylish and practical taste.


As you can see, faucets can be used in a number of different ways to create your own bathroom design style through a wide variety of shower faucets. The choice is up to you and your family based on the décor that they want to achieve, particularly if you working on one or more of your bathroom renovation projects. From creating a scene that looks like it is an open shower in the middle of the beach to installing LED Shower Heads to set the mood, there is so much that you can do today with different types of shower faucet designs. Also, once you have done your research, it is relatively easy to get started on your own innovative ideas.

How shower and tub faucet sets affect the design style of the bathroom

There are many bathroom design styles to choose from in today’s world, but each has something in common. Whether it is a traditional look or the more modern contemporary style, all bathrooms contain some form of water fixture.

A critical aspect of any bathroom is that of the shower or tub faucet sets. This can be an integral part of the bathroom design, depending on your style.

A stylish look can be achieved by matching shower and tub faucet sets with many different styles of bathrooms. A proper match depends on how much space is available in the bathroom for installation and preferred features.

Choosing a tub or shower set that is too large or has features you do not need will only detract from the bathroom’s look. At the same time, a beautiful and well-designed faucet can be ruined by an ugly and ill-planned shower enclosure.

A very traditional style of tub and shower sets is available with all kinds of appointments such as multiple handles, different faucet styles, and adding accessories for water saving.

shower and tub faucet sets affect the design style of the bathroom

This is great if you remodel an older home with the old-fashioned clawfoot tubs. If this type of set is not available, you can still create a nice look by using two separate showerheads instead of one large one. This style feature is most often found in homes with a tub and shower room combined into one space.

The idea of having two separate faucet sets that serve different purposes is very popular for modern-day bathrooms. This look can be achieved by using a tall, sleek faucet with a long spout and multiple knobs across the front.

It is often placed in the corner of the room, so it will not interfere with the look of the shower enclosure. A great watch can also be achieved by using two sets installed on opposite sides of the wall, both serving different purposes. This is especially nice for multiple people who need to use either one or the other facility.

One set can be used for showering and the other for bathing. This arrangement gives you the luxury of choosing which one to use at any particular time, depending on your needs.

Decorative faucets are beautiful to look at, but they can be limited in their functions, especially if they have multiple water outlets. They are often installed where only a single hand-held showerhead is desired.

They are good for children or even pets who need to be bathed, but they do not offer the personality that refers to a modern-day design. If you prefer something more ornamental, it can still work by keeping all controls within close reach of the shower enclosure.

The most recent faucet trends in tub and shower sets are for something subtle yet still stylish. The best word used to describe this look is “integrated”.

A thing that would match any design of a bathroom perfectly, without interfering with the space allotted. It should be trendy and eliminate all the extra water flow units, such as the hand-held showerheads.

This look is achieved by a motion-activated sensor that can be activated with a quick touch. This allows turning on the water only when you need it, reducing waste and cost without interfering too much with your life.

It takes some time to get used to the idea of touching the faucet to make water flow. It can be an adjustment, especially if you are used to the old-fashioned ways of manually turning on the handle or knobs.

The look is certainly worth it for those who like stylish designs and saving money in their household budget without sacrificing any style points.

All of the above features and options will add a unique finish to your bathroom. If you use one shower and tub faucet set, there is minimal variation possible in the look or function of your space. Some people prefer having more than one type of fixture; others like to stick with what works for them. Remember that the look of your bathroom should match your lifestyle and needs.

This is why you need to consider carefully the types of faucet sets that will best suit your home and its inhabitants.

Guide to Picking the Best Backpack for Hiking

When shopping for a hiking backpack, you should look for one that meets your preferences. If you don’t know where to start, in this guide, we’ll take you through the key factors you must consider when picking the best backpack for hiking.

Figure Out Which Size is Perfect for Your Hiking Trip

Outdoor enthusiasts can go for a hike that’s one day or several days long. How long your trip will last heavily determines which backpack is suitable for you. In case you’ll be going on one-day trips, a small hiking backpack is sufficient. But if you’ll be going on a multi-day backpacking trip, you’ll need a bigger backpack that can accommodate more gear.

Compare Various Materials

Not all backpack materials are suitable for hikes. Ideally, you should lean more toward durable materials like canvas, polyester, and leather. These materials will withstand the tough outdoor conditions and you won’t have to worry about repairs after every trip.

Polyester is a good backpack material but it’s not breathable. If you’ll be going for long hikes on sunny days, it’ll be uncomfortable. On the other hand, leather requires regular maintenance. Let’s also not forget that a cow has to die for a leather bag to be manufactured. This leaves us with one perfect backpack material for hiking – canvas. Unlike these two, canvas is super breathable, comfortable, lightweight, and durable. If you’re interested in such, you can get quality canvas backpacks from this website.

Get the Perfect Fit

So far, you’ll have eliminated many options from your list. It’s now time to get the perfect fit. Because hiking is a physical activity, you’ll need a backpack that fits you perfectly. The good news is that most backpacks these days come in all sizes. All you’ve got to do is measure your torso length and find a backpack that’s the same size.

Best Backpack for Hiking

Explore Available Features

To get the most out of a backpack, you don’t have to limit yourself to the basic designs. Explore various features such as suspension systems or the availability of a hip belt. Additional features go a long way in improving the practicality of the bag. For instance, to prevent the backpack from falling, you can consider getting one with shoulder straps or buckles. Also, a backpack with more compartments can accommodate extra gear. If you’ll be hiking through rain or snow, get a backpack with a cover.

Stick to Your Budget

A backpack is just one of the main essentials you’ll need during a hiking trip. Therefore, you must be mindful about the prices. Just because a backpack is expensive doesn’t mean it’s the best! At the same time, backpacks with high price tags often have quality materials and innovative features. First figure out how much you’re willing to spend and stick to that budget.

Wrapping Up

As you can see, finding the best backpack for hiking isn’t very difficult. All you’ve to do is figure out what your needs are and use that as a checklist to filter through various options.

What are the most popular apple watch bands for men 2022

Are you looking for a new band for your Apple Watch but unsure where to start? Check out the most popular bands for men in 2022! There are plenty of different styles and colors to choose from, so you’re sure to find the perfect one. Whether you’re looking for something casual or dressy, a band out there fits your style. This blog post will explore some of the most popular band choices for men in 2022.

most popular apple watch bands for men 2022

Top 5 Apple Watch Bands for Men 2022

Here are the five most popular apple watch bands for men in 2022:

1. Carterjett Compatible Apple Watch Band

Carterjett’s Apple Watch Sport Band is a perfect fit. Available in black, the stylish silicone apple watch band has been engineered to be extra sturdy and withstand most athletic lifestyles. Lightweight, flexible, and very comfortable, these soft silicone straps have evaporative channels on the back, allowing air to circulate; They are Rugged and waterproof, easy to clean, and perfect for fitness tracking. The superior adapters are permanently attached to the wristbands (unlike others) no screws or spring bars popping out; no worrying about the safety of your watch. The durable Black s/m fits men and women. These straps are extra sturdy and withstand most athletic lifestyles.

2.EdwardKwok Wooden Watch Band for Apple Watch Band

This EdwardKwok watch band is made of high-quality bamboo and natural wood; it is handmade, stylish, durable, and 100% handmade. In addition, it can easily adjust the length of the Apple watch band with the help of a simple tool. It is water-absorbent, breathable, and will not rot or decay. Wood is a natural product and will not be affected by the environment.

3. AOKLANT Stretchy Nylon Solo Loop Compatible with Apple Watch Bands

This Aoklant stretchy nylon is the first and only removable strap compatible with either 42mm or 38mm Apple Watch Series 1, 2/3, 4/5, 6/7, and 8. Its adjustable size fits wrists as small as 6.9″ (17.5cm) and as large as 7.7″ (19cm). Wear it casually, or dress it up for formal and professional occasions. The nylon material makes it ideal for athletic activities, such as running, walking, and working out.

4.LifeProof Eco-Friendly Band for Apple Watch Band

This LifeProof Eco-Friendly Band features a soft silicone strap lined with the tough but soft protective skin. It’s specially designed for the Apple Watch and is available for 38mm/40mm, and 41mm models. The strap comes in a range of bright colors. The silicone material is comfortable against your skin and can absorb impact from bumps and bangs during active wear.

5.OtterBox All Day Band for Apple Watch Band

This Otterbox All Day Band for Apple Watch is made from silicone and has been designed to be extra durable. Featuring a soft and comfortable design, your watch band feels like a second skin. In addition, the silicone band is water-resistant and has an awesome removable accessory pouch for storage on your wrist once you’re done using it. This band is perfect for you if you are looking for an Apple Watch band with quick-release pins.


As you can see from the list above, plenty of options are available in this range, so you’re sure to find one you love. They make great gifts for men and varied options for stylish everyday wear. In addition, you can get them in a few different colors, so you’re sure to find one that suits your taste.

Find Rest and Adventure in Utah at Bear Lake Valley

Go ahead, add Bear Lake Valley to your family travel bucket list. It’s called the Caribbean of the Rockies and it is gorgeous. I’m hugely fond of planning travel and finding gems I hadn’t heard of. This post is brought to you by the absolutely lovely Bear Lake Valley. Turquoise waters? Sign me up!

Bear Lake Valley

Bear Lake Valley is in Utah between Salt Lake City and Yellowstone National Park, and just happens to be one of the stops on my must see Utah road trip. This could be the place we really stop and stay awhile. You guys know I am becoming obsessed with this gorgeous part of the country, right? For families looking for small town hospitality with beautiful sandy beaches and incredible outdoor adventures on land and lake, look no further.

Bear Lake Valley

First, let’s dish on all the amazing things Bear Lake has to offer, and then we can chat about where to stay and how to get there.

Bear Lake Beaches

Family days on the beach are the best. I’m a huge fan of lakes because the range of activities allows for relaxation and almost every water activity under the sun. Bear Lake has white sandy beaches with clear, shallow shores perfect for kids of all ages to play safely. I absolutely love that you can rent rent kayaks, stand up paddle boards and bicycles right on the beach, making it easy to head out on the water or land to explore. You can just relax, go fishing or explore hundreds of miles of hiking and bike paths including a 52 mile fairly flat loop around the lake! To be able to hang out on a beautiful lake with so many options for activities and surrounded by the mountains of Utah would be incredible.

Bear Lake Valley Beach

Bear Lake Water & Power Sports

If you are looking for a little speed or adventure, Bear Lake has multiple locations to rent boats, jet skis, ATV’s and even take a horseback ride. I haven’t been on an ATV since I was in high school, but I can’t wait to do it again! I grew up on lakes, and loved water skiing, tubing, jet skiing and all the other fun stuff you can do on the water. You can do it all on Bear Lake. Plus, this lake is 20 miles long and 8 miles wide with a nice breeze. You can sail on Bear Lake! There is nothing better than sailing for us. We love it!

Bear Lake Sailing

Photo Credit: Bear Lake Valley CVB

In addition to all the things I already mentioned you can explore Minnetonka Cave, go bird and wildlife watching, play golf and hunt. There’s plenty to do here!

Where to Stay in Bear Lake Valley

We have already decided where we will stay when we make our way to Bear Lake. If you are anything like us and love camping, but really really love gorgeous hotels and nice beds and if you also happened to play Oregon Trail in computer lab as a child, you will drool over Conestoga Ranch too. There are huge luxury tents that can sleep up to 8 and wagons that sleep 2 to 6 people. I don’t know what we’d pick, but we all got really excited just looking at pictures of this place! It’s called Glamping and it is awesome.

Conestoga Ranch Wagons

Bear Lake Valley is a small community, and is not filled with giant hotels. That’s part of its charm, so enjoy renting a room in a smaller hotel or B&B or one of the wonderful homes in the area. They range from simple homes to multimillion dollar lake estates and can handle anything from a romantic vacation for 2 to the best family reunion ever. The Bear Lake CVB has compiled a great list of lodging choices in the area.

How to Get to Bear Lake

I’m so excited to be sharing destinations that I would not have even known to research. Everyone knows about Yellowstone National Park and Jackson, Wyoming, but it’s hard to find these smaller gems. Bear Lake is a very special location and a great place to stop on the way to Yellowstone. If you are coming from far away, like we will be, it’s much nicer to fly into Salt Lake City and stop somewhere lovely like Bear Lake after 2 hours than drive all the way to Yellowstone. Our plan is actually to fly into Denver and make our way all the way up and back around. Bear Lake provides a perfect place to stay and play for at least a few nights! You could fly into Salt Lake, drive to Bear Lake Valley, drive another couple hours to Jackson and Grand Teton National Park and then another couple hours to Yellowstone. Whether you spend a day or a week, Bear Valley should be on your itinerary!

Utah Road Trip

Bear Lake is a small community with a big bang for your vacation buck. Check out what they have to offer on the Bear Lake Visitors Bureau Website and of course, chat them up on social media. You can find and follow Bear Lake Valley on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. You can never see too many photos of this amazing place or get too much inspiration to plan your own trip!

Seriously, even the barns make for great photos. I’d spend an afternoon here even without the lake!

Bear Lake Valley Barn

Photo Credit: Bear Lake Valley

Disclosure: This post is brought to you by the lovely people at Bear Lake Valley. I honest to goodness really want to bring my family here, and I thought you might too. Photos courtesy of Bear Lake Valley CVB.

The Skinny on Brittany and That’s Vandy

This is Me and My People

One of them I married 10 years ago. His name is Ross. Three of them we made together. Sophia came first, then Miles and then Violet. Right in a row. These people aren’t perfect…no one is…but they are all kinds of awesome.

Vandy Family

The Pursuit of Awesome

Doesn’t everybody want a life full of awesome? I’m not saying that everything in my life is full of sunshine, but I can say that I am trying to fill my life with as much awesome as possible. That’s the Vandy way. Feel free to say “hey girl, that’s Vandy” when something rocks. You can say anything actually, I just think it would be cool for this one to catch on like “wicked cool” did way back when.

That’s Vandy is focused on the things that make life better and creating a community that wants everybody to rock the awesome and will support each other in our pursuits.

Just a Few Things that Make Life Better Around Here

Lots of Love from Family and Friends

Open heart and open home is the way we roll. Just as we are not perfect nor expected to be, our homes are happier when we welcome people in. That’s why I focus on celebrating. It’s not just for birthdays, though what a great time to party! Dinner with friends, a neighborhood pot luck, a brunch with the girls, a play date…there are so many ways to celebrate the everyday with people we care about.

Being a Mother

Parenting is hard and harder and sometimes messy too, but it carries more blessings and joy and giggles than anything else in the world. Little people will one day rule the world, and right now they rock mine. I wrote Mommy Words for almost 5 years before starting this site, and I learned more about myself in that time than I could possibly explain. Most of these posts are now contained in my Diary, as many of our regular activities and milestones will be going forward. I never want to abandon the personal in blogging, because I believe getting to know people is the very best thing about being online.

A Little Style for Ourselves and Our Homes.

I think putting a little time into our personal appearance and the place we live makes life feel better. It is fun and creative and lets us express ourselves. Whether we make a purchase or make something with our own two hands, we can take pride in putting a little style in our lives.

Homemade Handiwork

Buying the perfect thing is cool, but making it, well, it adds a whole new level of awesome. I know everyone is not Martha, and I admit to being very crafty and handy myself, but here I will be featuring projects for all skill levels and I think everyone will find something to make and love.


Seeing the world is my dream. I am a homebody nomad. I love to spend time in my home, but I adore getting out of it and experiencing new things. The world is a beautiful place. You can start exploring it right in your own backyard. Here’s how I think about it. Charlotte is our home. The Carolinas are our backyard. The East Coast is our playground. The U.S. is our Oyster. The world is our dream. Now it sort of sounds possible, right?

I will share our adventures here on That’s Vandy as well as travel tips and tutorials and I hope to hear from you about the places you have been and dream of going!

2013 Means Tech

Technology is a wonderful thing and there are hundreds if not thousands of tools to explore that can make life easier and actually give you more time to live. There are also some products and apps that are just downright cool. When I find one, I will let you in on it and tell you where it rocks and where it drops. I’m a bit of a geek and I love to try the newest technology. There really is something for everybody and I love how technology can bring us closer together and make the world a smaller place.

Using Our Voices

There’s a lot going on in the world. Raising kids raised the stakes for me, and I want to make sure that we can have honest conversations about the issues and events in our world. If we are pursuing awesome we need to be having conversations about how to get there and we need to be doing more than talking, we need to be doing. Through sharing my thoughts, welcoming others to share theirs and highlighting causes that can change the world, I hope That’s Vandy can help make a difference.

Clearly, That’s Vandy is a Lifestyle Site.

Now let’s get to living!

How to Hardwire a Plugin Light Fixture

There are a lot of fun light fixtures out there at great prices. My choice cost $10 total and you can see it at the end of this post. The problem is that many of the affordable choices are plug in fixtures. This is great unless you are looking to use an existing switch and replace a ceiling fixture you already have! This is a very simple project that can save you money on your lighting and the $100 an electrician might charge to come and do it for you!

You Will Need:

Screwdriver to Remove Existing Fixture
Wire Stripper (simple Inexpensive Tool from any hardware store will have both a wire stripper and cutter)
Wire Nuts (2-3)
Utility Knife
New Light Fixture


1. Turn Off Power to the Fixture at your Electrical Box: Flip the little switch to off for your room. Check the switch to make sure lights are off.

2. Remove Existing Light Fixture: Use your screwdriver to take the ceiling plate off and be very careful not to let the light fixture fall and rip the wiring. Once the plate is off either rest the fixture on your ladder or have a friend help to hold it while you disconnect the wires. Simply turn the wire nut / connectors that are there and pull the wires out.

Hardwire a Plugin Light Fixture

My Existing Nemesis…Ummm…Light


3. Examine the Existing Wiring: Usually you will see 3 wires coming from the box. One white, one black and one copper. The copper wire is the ground wire and should be capped and wrapped around a screw in the lightbox. Usually a plug in fixture will not have a ground wire so you will not need this wire.

Hardwire a Plugin Light Fixture

White, Black and Metal Ground Wire

4. Cut the Plug Off Your New Fixture and Measure Your Desired Length from the Ceiling. For a dining room you want to be 30-36″ above the table. In hallways a fixture should be close to the ceiling and in other rooms your height will depend on whether or not you are working above a table. If you are not, you want to make sure that no one will hit their heads. I would stay around 7 feet. When you cut your wire leave a little extra. This can be tucked up into the box after but you do not want to be left with too little wire to work with. You can always take more off if you need to later.

5. Split the Wire and Separate the White and Black Wires Inside: Using a utility knife carefully split open the casing around the wire and pull down to separate the casing from the wires inside. Pull out the white and black wires.

Hardwire a Plugin Light Fixture

Split Casing and Separate Inside Wires

6. Strip the white and black wires at the top to prepare for connection: Using your wire strippers find the select gauge for your wires and strip the casing from the top inch or so of wire. The correct holes are the ones that just barely grip the wires so that when you pull the strippers cut into the wire and literally pull the casing off.

Hardwire a Plugin Light Fixture

Stripped Wire Tips

7. Attach Wires: Carefully thread the wires through the ceiling plate of your new light fixture and prepare to attach the wires. Attach white to white and black to black by putting them together and inserting them into your wire nuts and turning the nut to essentially weave the two inside wires together. Cap the ground wire if it is not already capped.

Hardwire a Plugin Light Fixture

Attach White and Black Wires Using Wire Nuts (Orange in Photo)

8. Make Sure the Light Works: Turn on your power and check that it works!

Hardwire a Plugin Light Fixture

We Have Light! The Plug is Now on a Switch!

9. Attach Ceiling Plate to Ceiling: I used the same ceiling plate that was already there but whatever you chose to use lift the plate to the ceiling and do a quick measure to make sure the fixture is the height you want it. Then using screws reattach the plate to the bar across your light box. Depending on the type and weight of your new fixture you may need to change out the bar on the inside to make sure it supports your fixture. In my case I was simply installing a hanging bulb so I have no weight issues.

10. Finishing Touches: Add any bulbs or lampshades and enjoy your new lights! I adore my new and very simple paper lantern – the Regolit from Ikea. At only $5.00 I am in love with the style and price! The light I used is the Ikea Hemma Cord Set for $3.99. Um…that’s under $10.00! So without further ado – here is my new hardwired simple dining room lantern. The diffused light through these paper lanterns is gorgeous and so flattering and it’s on a dimmer so we can be as playful or romantic as we like!

Hardwire a Plugin Light Fixture

Modern Simple Hardwired Lantern

11. Enjoy!

This project actually took me longer to blog than to complete and I am so glad I learned how to do it myself! I am now eyeing the fixtures in every room for simple fixes. On a design note – if your budget permits I would mix really inexpensive finds like this with some swankier choices so your whole house does not look like it is from Ikea. You can find some great fixtures at yard sales or even at big box stores that are meant for hard wiring and hang them yourselves. There are tons of lighting options that come with a plug and for those this simple tutorial will have you switching them on and off in no time flat!

I would love to hear what you can two with a little time and inspiration! Let me know in the comments if you have any questions and please – tell me what you think! I will post my whole On The Cheap Dining Room Re-Do soon so stay tuned for more money saving tips and tricks!

DIY Plumbing Pipe Table

I love an easy project that costs a little and packs a big punch. This DIY Plumbing Pipe Table is my new favorite thing ever! After years of looking for a trestle table to fit our banquette, I saw a beauty on West Elm for $2000! Yeah, right. My husband and my wallet balked at that.

I made my Pluming Leg Table for about $100 and ooh is it pretty! You can get all the materials from Home Depot or Lowe’s, but I found it to be less expensive to hit up a local hardware store that sells pipe by the foot. This way you can get the exact lengths that you want for the exact table height that you want. I used the top of an old coffee table for my tabletop, but it would be super simple to stain a piece of wood in any size you so desire! That would probably bring the cost to about $125 to purchase the wood and stain.

DIY Plumbing Pipe Table

This whole project took just a couple of hours once I had my materials. I needed a very narrow base to act as a trestle for our petite eating area. As my measurements are so unique, I will tell you how to figure out what you need.

Material List for the Plumbing Table

1. Your Pipes & Fittings: I used 1 inch pipes for this project. They come in black and silver, but it looks much better to paint either one, because they usually have markings on them and the color is not uniform. You need to decide your measurements and keep in mind that plumbing pipes are not meant to screw all the way. You will see some of the threading area and that is okay! I think it looks oh so cool.

Please keep in mind that the more you have your pipes threaded, the further in they will go. I loved that at the hardware store I could try out each joint to get my perfect length and width. Because the table takes no time at all to put together, it is great to test out your joints at the store.

(1) 1 inch pipe for the center support. This is your longest pipe. The t-joint is approximately 2 1/2″ of extra length and you must figure that about 1/2″ of your pipe will be inside that joint. So, take your total desired length and subtract 4″ to arrive at your necessary length.

(4) 1 inch floor flanges. These attach the legs to your table top.

(6) 1 inch t-joints. Three for each leg.

(4) 1 inch pipes cut to join the legs and the center of your table together. I needed a very narrow table so mine are a little less than 4″.

(4) 1 inch pipes cut for the bottom of your table legs. I used 6 inch pipes.

(4) 1 inch pipes cut for the top of your table legs. I used 19 inch pipes. I wanted my tabletop to be at 30″. So, 19+6+3+ 2 (my tabletop) = 30!

2. Spray Paint: Choose the color of your choice in a paint appropriate for metal. I chose a matte black.

3. Wood screws to fit your flange: Ask about the appropriate size in your store.

4. Floor Protectors or Feet: I chose these easy slide rubber covers from Home Depot. I used a rubber mallet to pound them on. The table now does not damage my floor and slides easily for cleaning.

5. Wood for Your Tabletop: Lowe’s sells wood tabletops in many standard sizes and can easily cut them if you need something of a different size. You could also find a wood tabletop after yard sale hopping, on craigslist or on a coffee table left in a dumpster as I did. Score for me!

DIY Plumbing Pipe Table

How to Build the Plumbing Pipe Table

It is basically just a matter of screwing your pieces together.

Start with the two cross pieces. Loosely fit all your pipes and then adjust until the two completed ends are the same width.

Your next step will be to screw the long middle piece in. You can adjust everything at this point so your pieces are square and everything is facing the right way. The great thing about this is that the threading allows you to get the pieces exactly where you need them.

Once you have your base you can go ahead and screw your legs in. I started with the bottom 4 and then moved on to the top 4. Again, you can adjust the bottom four legs even once the tabletop is attached, making it super easy to level your table on any floor!

Now you’ve got your table bottom and you can take that baby somewhere to spray paint. I did 3 coats for really great coverage.

Once your spray paint is completely dry, you can screw on your top. Measure carefully to assure it is centered on your table and start with once screw in each flange to allow for small adjustments. It is always safer to anchor each leg this way before completely screwing in a leg and then finding out the overall piece has shifted.

You can see the bottom of the old coffee table. I swear it took longer to take that baby apart than build this new table!

Your final step will be to attach your feet so the metal does not ruin your floors.

Adjust your legs so that your table is level on any floor and enjoy your handiwork!

If you like this project, I would love a Pin, a Tweet a Like or share wherever you love to hang out on these internets. Thank you so much for reading. I hope all of your projects make your home just a little bit happier. That’s Vandy!!!

Five awesome apple watch accessories

Apple watches are one of the best customizable tech products that have earned its top position as the best watch in the market. The apple watch is made of different types and versions, each designed with several case materials, various straps, and cellular connections. Therefore, complimenting the Apple Watch with some accessories is essential.

Since it’s essential to consider purchasing some accessories to make the apple watch as unique as possible, these are some of the supplements found at proofwearable.

The top apple watch accessories

Since apple watch accessories will ensure that the watch is unique, it is important to have one. The accessories range from straps, travel and protection cases, and storage systems for the apple watch or its straps. The best apple watch accessories include the following.

Five awesome apple watch accessories

  • Belkin powerhouse

It is a perfect option that allows users to charge their apple watch and phone simultaneously. It is designed in a simple and unfussy way by a good brand. It is perfect for persons who want to make their designs look better. It takes little space and leaves both displays easy to be seen, especially if one wakes up at night. The cables are also entirely hidden such that only one is plugged into the mains.

  • Apple MagSafe duo charger

It is a smart charger that one can use simultaneously on iPhone and an Apple watch. It allows the watch to be placed upright for nightstand mode. The wireless charger is an excellent compact folding design, taking minimal space. It will charge iPhone and Watch at the same rate. It has a lighting-to-USB-C cable though an adapter is not provided.

  • Spigen rugged armor pro apple watch case

The apple watch keeps the wearable safer. It ensures that the watch is completely protected. It works with Apple series 4,5,6 and SE, and it’s compatible with a wireless charger. Despite this, it is limited to the 44 mm apple watch models. It protects the apple watch all over except for the digital crown and display. The screen is protected from scrapes and knocks by the raised bezel.

  • Apple Watch magnetic charging dock

It is exquisite for persons who don’t prefer charging multiple devices at once. The dock snaps the back of the watch and charges it magnetically. The dock is used while the watch is not used since it charges it via the back part. The watch can be used as a bedside clock throughout the night when placed on the sideway. Although the dock has a large base, it is sleek and stylish and the only official charger used. The charging dock marks the trademark elegance and simplicity of the apple watch.

  • Belkin valet charge dock

It is designed to keep the apple watch elevated. Although it does not hold the watch in a nightstand mode, it has an in-keeping design and is compact. It is also perfect for simultaneously charging the iPhone and the apple watch. It is permanently integrated into a dock. Being solid makes it suitable for use with home or office while the one bought with the apple watch is used as a travel charger.

All these accessories are found at proofwearable.com, which offers the best supplements to suit and protect the apple watch. The site is reputable in distributing the best apple watch accessories with a secure payment and free shipping for any order.

Is the bomber jacket one of the must-haves for men’s winter travel

If you’re a regular traveler, you need to have the right traveling accessories to make yourself comfortable throughout the journey. One of the essential traveling gears is clothing. The proper dressing allows you to enjoy your trip regardless of the destination or the reason behind your travel. On the other hand, some factors will determine how you’re going to dress or the clothing you will carry. For instance, the weather is a significant factor for every traveler and informs some decisions you will make, such as dressing or accessories you will carry. Men’s bomber jacket will be an excellent choice for you if you’re traveling during the winter season.

Snows, frost, and rainfall characterize the Winter season. Therefore, you need to wear suitable clothes to keep you warm throughout the trip. Mens bomber jacket is popular winter wear that is fashionable and keeps you warm at the same time. The bomber jackets come in various modern designs giving you more options depending on your taste and preference.

bomber jacket for trip

What is a bomber jacket?

Bomber Jacket is short outerwear that features a ribbed waistband, gathered and matching cuffs. It comes with a zipper front, four stylish and functional pockets. The jackets are made of leather, nylon, cotton, or polyester materials. The jackets have been evolving with time, and the modern ones come with either a round collar matching the waistband, plain shirt collar, or a shearling lining.

Bomber jackets came into the limelight for the first-time during World War I and were made for military pilots. Most planes didn’t have an enclosed cockpit; thus, the pilots needed to put on heavy jackets to keep them warm. The jackets were part of the United States Army and Aviation clothing. During World War II, the bomber jackets were enhanced and came in a new heavier and warmer design to endure the extreme cold conditions. The new jacket featured sheepskin ideal for pilots flying at higher altitudes.

Over the years, bomber jackets continued to evolve with time and made their way to civilians’ wardrobes. These jackets are available in various designs ideal for men, women, and children.

So, why is men’s bomber jacket ideal for your winter travel?

Various reasons make the bomber jacket a top choice for winter travel, including;

1. Keeps you warm

Regardless of the type of men’s bomber jacket you’ve chosen, the jacket keeps you warm throughout your journey. However, it would be essential to buy a heavier jacket such as the wool bomber jacket purposely made for winter. It features a woolen design to keep you warm all the time.

2. Fashionable

As a traveler, you need to have the best outfit to create a stunning impression on friends or the strangers you will come across along the way. Men’s bomber jackets come in a stylish design to blend with your dressing code. You can put on the jacket with your official or casual wear.

3. Comfort fit

When you’re traveling, you need to put on something stylish, lightweight, and comfortable at the same time. The bomber jacket offers exactly that; it keeps you warm while giving your body freedom and maximum comfort. It also features a zipper closure allowing you to zip up if it’s too cold and zip down when you need some breather.

4. Multiple Pockets

Travelers need extra space to store essentials such as pens, earphones, handkerchiefs, or candies. Bomber jackets come with multiple pockets on the sides, top and inner sides, enough to store some of your necessities.

5. Made for any occasion

Bomber jackets are designed to suit any occasion from dinner, business wear, casual wear, and other outdoor activities. So, you don’t have to change your clothing when you arrive at your destination. The green bomber jacket mens fits in every event you might be planning to attend.

Where to buy men’s bomber jackets?

Bomber jackets are available in all your favorite online or physical clothing stores near you. All top online stores such as Amazon stock various types of bomber jackets. However, be keen on the type, more so, the material to ensure you purchase a perfect fit for the winter. Bomber jackets come in different sizes, colors, and material blends. Feel free to contact the seller if you need any clarification before placing your order.

35 Awesome and Free Disney Fonts

I have so many requests for my Disney fonts list from people wanting to make their own incredible DIY Disney Autograph Book that I thought I would put together a list for you. You can see how the fonts look and when you click on the image you will be taken to the site to download the font.

Disney Fonts

Please note that these are all free fonts. Some Disney movies use paid fonts. Mary Poppins is one example of this. In those cases I have found the font that matches the size, style and spirit of the actual font. In some cases I have provided two options. I show you the fonts in black and white, but they really come to life when you add the color schemes present in the movie or matching the font in the movie. A perfect example is Toy Story. Use your font formatting to give the words the yellow inside and navy blue outside. If you want to go the extra mile, angle the letters individually to match the movie title.

For the Princess and Tinkerbell fonts I like to use WordArt (Microsoft Word or PowerPoint) or Photoshop to make the font look shimmery. Gold looks fantastic this way.

Don’t worry about getting them all perfect. The most important thing is to have fun!

Disney Fonts

Disney Fonts

Disney Fonts

Disney Fonts

Disney Fonts

Disney Fonts

Disney Fonts

Disney Fonts

Disney Fonts

Disney Fonts

Disney Fonts

Disney Fonts

Disney Fonts

Disney Fonts

Disney Fonts

Disney Fonts

Disney Fonts

Disney Fonts

Disney Fonts

Disney Fonts

Disney Fonts

Disney Fonts

Disney Fonts

Disney Fonts

Disney Fonts

Disney Fonts

Disney Fonts

Disney Fonts

Disney Fonts

Disney Fonts

Disney Fonts

Disney Fonts

Disney Fonts


I hope these fonts help you create a memory book to cherish forever. Please let me know if you have any questions at all. I would love to see what you do with the fonts. Shoot me a note with your finished book!

Let me know if you have any fonts you want me to search for or that you know of so I can add them. The more complete this list is, the better.