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Create your own bathroom design style through the shower faucet

If you are like most people, the start-up of your day is in the shower. In fact, it may be the first wake-up call for you, especially if you are having a difficult time opening up your eyes from its asleep state.

On the other hand, if the light from the sun does not send an alert to you, the water streaming down your face should be enough to awaken you completely. Whatever the case or situation, if you want your home to have that special zing that you think it needs, you may want to concentrate on creatively designing your next bathroom remodeling project around a stilvolle duscharmatur.

With that being said, here are few shower faucet decorative ideas that you may want to use to get you started.

bathroom design style

1. Consider a Simple Faucet Design: But add Different Colors to Change and Spice It up to Your Custom Needs

If you are looking to keep your décor simple and not complex, you may want to consider installing a fixed shower head in your bathroom. Because this type of shower head is quite basic , the decor that you choose will most likely be basic, too. However, if you want to design your bathroom around the faucet for your shower, you may want to think about what color fits best in your bathroom. Or, if you are working on a completely new bathroom design, you can choose any color that you like and prefer. For instance, there is a wide range of shower head colors on the market and they can help to set the tone for the entire bathroom.

Here are just a few great recommendations to get you started with your own customized bathroom designs.

Select a beautiful deep aqua blue shower faucet. When you select this color, this is also a basic blue color that can be used on the wall of the bathroom. You may also choose to buy bathroom accessories as well in this same color.

2. Choose an Overhead Shower Design: Creates a Relaxing Environment in Your Bathroom

The illusion that you create when you are decorating your bathroom can make a huge difference in the style that you are trying to achieve. For instance, if your decor looks like the water is pouring directly down from your ceiling, your entire bathroom can look like a scene out of your favorite beach movie. Whatever the case, an overhead shower situated at the top of your ceiling can be a very appealing light hearted scene. This is a scene and illusion that virtually anyone who likes an open space shower appearance can appreciate.

3. Choose the LED Lighting Design: Create a More Modern Day and Contemporary Look

Every home decorator and designer knows that lighting sets the mood of any room of the home. In fact, whenever you position the lighting in specific places, the environment may feel open, airy, and filled with a lot of space. On the other hand, if you can place the lighting in a room to make the area feel smaller, you can enjoy a space that is not only more intimate but cozy.

Keeping these things in mind, today designers can use the same and similar designer techniques in their showers and bathrooms, too. These effects can now be achieved by installing LED Shower Head faucets in different shapes, sizes and colors. The look that is selected can also be customized to fit a specific person’s stylish and practical taste.


As you can see, faucets can be used in a number of different ways to create your own bathroom design style through a wide variety of shower faucets. The choice is up to you and your family based on the décor that they want to achieve, particularly if you working on one or more of your bathroom renovation projects. From creating a scene that looks like it is an open shower in the middle of the beach to installing LED Shower Heads to set the mood, there is so much that you can do today with different types of shower faucet designs. Also, once you have done your research, it is relatively easy to get started on your own innovative ideas.

Is the bomber jacket one of the must-haves for men’s winter travel

If you’re a regular traveler, you need to have the right traveling accessories to make yourself comfortable throughout the journey. One of the essential traveling gears is clothing. The proper dressing allows you to enjoy your trip regardless of the destination or the reason behind your travel. On the other hand, some factors will determine how you’re going to dress or the clothing you will carry. For instance, the weather is a significant factor for every traveler and informs some decisions you will make, such as dressing or accessories you will carry. Men’s bomber jacket will be an excellent choice for you if you’re traveling during the winter season.

Snows, frost, and rainfall characterize the Winter season. Therefore, you need to wear suitable clothes to keep you warm throughout the trip. Mens bomber jacket is popular winter wear that is fashionable and keeps you warm at the same time. The bomber jackets come in various modern designs giving you more options depending on your taste and preference.

bomber jacket for trip

What is a bomber jacket?

Bomber Jacket is short outerwear that features a ribbed waistband, gathered and matching cuffs. It comes with a zipper front, four stylish and functional pockets. The jackets are made of leather, nylon, cotton, or polyester materials. The jackets have been evolving with time, and the modern ones come with either a round collar matching the waistband, plain shirt collar, or a shearling lining.

Bomber jackets came into the limelight for the first-time during World War I and were made for military pilots. Most planes didn’t have an enclosed cockpit; thus, the pilots needed to put on heavy jackets to keep them warm. The jackets were part of the United States Army and Aviation clothing. During World War II, the bomber jackets were enhanced and came in a new heavier and warmer design to endure the extreme cold conditions. The new jacket featured sheepskin ideal for pilots flying at higher altitudes.

Over the years, bomber jackets continued to evolve with time and made their way to civilians’ wardrobes. These jackets are available in various designs ideal for men, women, and children.

So, why is men’s bomber jacket ideal for your winter travel?

Various reasons make the bomber jacket a top choice for winter travel, including;

1. Keeps you warm

Regardless of the type of men’s bomber jacket you’ve chosen, the jacket keeps you warm throughout your journey. However, it would be essential to buy a heavier jacket such as the wool bomber jacket purposely made for winter. It features a woolen design to keep you warm all the time.

2. Fashionable

As a traveler, you need to have the best outfit to create a stunning impression on friends or the strangers you will come across along the way. Men’s bomber jackets come in a stylish design to blend with your dressing code. You can put on the jacket with your official or casual wear.

3. Comfort fit

When you’re traveling, you need to put on something stylish, lightweight, and comfortable at the same time. The bomber jacket offers exactly that; it keeps you warm while giving your body freedom and maximum comfort. It also features a zipper closure allowing you to zip up if it’s too cold and zip down when you need some breather.

4. Multiple Pockets

Travelers need extra space to store essentials such as pens, earphones, handkerchiefs, or candies. Bomber jackets come with multiple pockets on the sides, top and inner sides, enough to store some of your necessities.

5. Made for any occasion

Bomber jackets are designed to suit any occasion from dinner, business wear, casual wear, and other outdoor activities. So, you don’t have to change your clothing when you arrive at your destination. The bomber jacket fits in every event you might be planning to attend.

Where to buy men’s bomber jackets?

Bomber jackets are available in all your favorite online or physical clothing stores near you. All top online stores such as Amazon stock various types of bomber jackets. However, be keen on the type, more so, the material to ensure you purchase a perfect fit for the winter. Bomber jackets come in different sizes, colors, and material blends. Feel free to contact the seller if you need any clarification before placing your order.

How shower and tub faucet sets affect the design style of the bathroom

There are many bathroom design styles to choose from in today’s world, but each has something in common. Whether it is a traditional look or the more modern contemporary style, all bathrooms contain some form of water fixture.

A critical aspect of any bathroom is that of the shower or tub faucet sets. This can be an integral part of the bathroom design, depending on your style.

A stylish look can be achieved by matching shower and tub faucet sets with many different styles of bathrooms. A proper match depends on how much space is available in the bathroom for installation and preferred features.

Choosing a tub or shower set that is too large or has features you do not need will only detract from the bathroom’s look. At the same time, a beautiful and well-designed faucet can be ruined by an ugly and ill-planned shower enclosure.

A very traditional style of tub and shower sets is available with all kinds of appointments such as multiple handles, different faucet styles, and adding accessories for water saving.

shower and tub faucet sets affect the design style of the bathroom

This is great if you remodel an older home with the old-fashioned clawfoot tubs. If this type of set is not available, you can still create a nice look by using two separate showerheads instead of one large one. This style feature is most often found in homes with a tub and shower room combined into one space.

The idea of having two separate faucet sets that serve different purposes is very popular for modern-day bathrooms. This look can be achieved by using a tall, sleek faucet with a long spout and multiple knobs across the front.

It is often placed in the corner of the room, so it will not interfere with the look of the shower enclosure. A great watch can also be achieved by using two sets installed on opposite sides of the wall, both serving different purposes. This is especially nice for multiple people who need to use either one or the other facility.

One set can be used for showering and the other for bathing. This arrangement gives you the luxury of choosing which one to use at any particular time, depending on your needs.

Decorative faucets are beautiful to look at, but they can be limited in their functions, especially if they have multiple water outlets. They are often installed where only a single hand-held showerhead is desired.

They are good for children or even pets who need to be bathed, but they do not offer the personality that refers to a modern-day design. If you prefer something more ornamental, it can still work by keeping all controls within close reach of the shower enclosure.

The most recent faucet trends in tub and shower sets are for something subtle yet still stylish. The best word used to describe this look is “integrated”.

A thing that would match any design of a bathroom perfectly, without interfering with the space allotted. It should be trendy and eliminate all the extra water flow units, such as the hand-held showerheads.

This look is achieved by a motion-activated sensor that can be activated with a quick touch. This allows turning on the water only when you need it, reducing waste and cost without interfering too much with your life.

It takes some time to get used to the idea of touching the faucet to make water flow. It can be an adjustment, especially if you are used to the old-fashioned ways of manually turning on the handle or knobs.

The look is certainly worth it for those who like stylish designs and saving money in their household budget without sacrificing any style points.

All of the above features and options will add a unique finish to your bathroom. If you use one shower and tub faucet set, there is minimal variation possible in the look or function of your space. Some people prefer having more than one type of fixture; others like to stick with what works for them. Remember that the look of your bathroom should match your lifestyle and needs.

This is why you need to consider carefully the types of faucet sets that will best suit your home and its inhabitants.

35 Awesome and Free Disney Fonts

I have so many requests for my Disney fonts list from people wanting to make their own incredible DIY Disney Autograph Book that I thought I would put together a list for you. You can see how the fonts look and when you click on the image you will be taken to the site to download the font.

Disney Fonts

Please note that these are all free fonts. Some Disney movies use paid fonts. Mary Poppins is one example of this. In those cases I have found the font that matches the size, style and spirit of the actual font. In some cases I have provided two options. I show you the fonts in black and white, but they really come to life when you add the color schemes present in the movie or matching the font in the movie. A perfect example is Toy Story. Use your font formatting to give the words the yellow inside and navy blue outside. If you want to go the extra mile, angle the letters individually to match the movie title.

For the Princess and Tinkerbell fonts I like to use WordArt (Microsoft Word or PowerPoint) or Photoshop to make the font look shimmery. Gold looks fantastic this way.

Don’t worry about getting them all perfect. The most important thing is to have fun!

Disney Fonts

Disney Fonts

Disney Fonts

Disney Fonts

Disney Fonts

Disney Fonts

Disney Fonts

Disney Fonts

Disney Fonts

Disney Fonts

Disney Fonts

Disney Fonts

Disney Fonts

Disney Fonts

Disney Fonts

Disney Fonts

Disney Fonts

Disney Fonts

Disney Fonts

Disney Fonts

Disney Fonts

Disney Fonts

Disney Fonts

Disney Fonts

Disney Fonts

Disney Fonts

Disney Fonts

Disney Fonts

Disney Fonts

Disney Fonts

Disney Fonts

Disney Fonts

Disney Fonts


I hope these fonts help you create a memory book to cherish forever. Please let me know if you have any questions at all. I would love to see what you do with the fonts. Shoot me a note with your finished book!

Let me know if you have any fonts you want me to search for or that you know of so I can add them. The more complete this list is, the better.

Wearing an Apple Watch makes travel more convenient and safer

Traveling is a big part of most people, and Apple watches are an important part of traveling. In addition to it being a vital fashion accessory, the device has many functions that are useful when traveling. With the ability to track your location and keep you connected with important alerts, a watch can help you make the most of your trip.

Apple Watch for trip

Convenience – Apple Watch makes it easy to do things without having to pull out your phone. All you need is to have your watch on your wrist and you will be able to do the things that you need. You can get some unique and best Apple Watch bands for your apple watch in cxsbands.

An Apple Watch can help you stay on schedule while traveling. With the Clock app, you can see current time and weather conditions in cities around the world. With the watch, you will be able to see the weather conditions for your destination before you even leave. This can help with packing and preparing for your trip. Additionally for those traveling for leisure can know what to expect weather-wise. The Calendar app also lets you view your appointments and events for the day. And the Maps app provides directions to your destination.

Emergency features-An Apple Watch can help you stay safe while traveling. With the Emergency SOS feature, you can quickly call emergency services if needed. And if you run into a problem, you can use SOS to notify contacts that you need help.

Health and fitness check-In addition, the Activity app tracks your physical activity and helps you set goals for daily activity. And at the end of each day, it tells how much progress you’ve made toward your goal. The Apple Watch also ships with a variety of health and fitness apps that can help you stay healthy while on the go.

Shopping aid-If you’re traveling by plane, the Apple Watch’s built-in NFC will also let you use your watch for easy access to buy things at airport shops. All you have to do is tap the store’s display with your wrist and authenticate with Face ID or Touch ID on your iPhone.With the ability to make payments with Apple Pay, you can skip the line at the gate or the customs checkpoint. And with access to your boarding pass, you can breeze through security and onto your flight.

Friends location – In the Find My Friends app, you can see the location of your friends and family members. The app uses the location of your Phone to display where they are on a map. You can also use it to send messages to contacts, and send notifications if you need help finding your friends or family members.

Hotel check-ins– many hotels are starting to offer the option of checking in with an Apple Watch. You can use the watch to receive room keys and access the room. The hustle one goes through to book a hotel while on a trip is no longer an issue.

Music– you can listen to music on your watch while you travel. No need to use your phone to look for your favorite tunes. Kill the boredom of a long flight or car ride with music on your watch.

Flights alerts– get alerts for your flight status and gate changes. The Apple Watch will also notify you if your flight is delayed or canceled. You can also track your luggage progress on the watch.

Navigation– the watch will show you where to go and guide you the way. The old method of using physical maps is quickly becoming a thing of the past. No need to panic if your phone goes off and you cannot tell the direction, you can always check your watch.

No need to text– with the ability to send quick voice messages, you don’t have to type out a message anymore. Perfect for that spontaneous moment when you are too excited or nervous for words! While on a road trip you can send voice messages to people without using your phone. This is more convenient while navigating and driving.

Wearing an Apple Watch makes travel more convenient and safer by providing features such as location tracking, clock & calendar access, travel alerts, an SOS feature, and more. So if you’re planning a trip, be sure to bring your Apple Watch along. It can make your travel experience a lot more enjoyable and safe.

Sophia’s Peter Pan and Pixie Hollow Party

All You Need is Faith and Trust and a Little Bit of Pixie Dust…and your child will have a fabulous birthday party!

Sophia turned 4 and wanted a Peter Pan Party but she wanted to be Silvermist, her favorite Disney Fairy. Thus was born the Peter Pan and Pixie Hollow party.

I like having parties at home because she can invite her whole class and not make anyone feel left out. It’s fine for families to bring siblings and we can all have a relaxing afternoon. It’s also a lot cheaper than paying for a kids venue and all the grown-ups get to have some wine or beer…which is nice.

For the invitations I used leftover sparkling gold paper from our wedding programs and printed them out at home. We added our own pixie dust! This was super simple and basically free!

I always like to have something big and fun for the kids to play in. Last year I built Sophia a Princess Castle but this year we went with a giant pirate ship fit for Hook, Pan and the Fairies! It is built out of 7 cardboard refrigerator boxes using Mr. McGroovy’s plans for a pirate ship ($4.99) and a combination of his box widgets and a lot of machine screws and furring strips to sturdy the ship for 40 little scalawags. His plans are awesome but I will post a how-to so you can see the steps.

The Pirate Ship

You can’t have a pirate ship without a pirate and my neighbor was nice enough to let us borrow his! The blackguard talks and waves his sword. He is awesome! The kids loved using the microphone to talk through the pirate and watch his mouth move! It was hilarious.

Of course, Sophia needed a Pixie Hollow scene fit for Silvermist so I picked up this 8×12 foot mural from Party City for $19.99. Usually I hate to spend money on this kind of stuff but I was beat after the pirate ship and I could not have painted anything like this!

The girls and boys posed for pictures in front of the pirate ship and pixie hollow and I will include those pictures in their thank you cards. Here’s my clan! I love their costumes!

Silvermist posed in front of her ship after the festivities were over.

I got a few pictures of me for a change too!

Miles is a huge fan of the pirate! He looks like he could take him down! Actually, he spent a lot of the time feeding the pirate goldfish.

All of our little people loved playing in the ship too. It will be around for a month or so and we’ll host a neighborhood playdate again so everyone can enjoy it.

We had a search for gold coins in the back yard that was a bug hit as well as a coloring table where the kids could color pictures from Peter Pan that I printed at home. The kids danced and played to the music from Peter Pan, which I downloaded from itunes.

Usually I bake a cake but this year I just picked one up from the grocery store and decorated it with tiny Disney fairies I found at target. She loved it and gets to keep the figures!

Overall the party was a huge success and my little fairy Silvermist was so excited to have all of her friends come to her Pixie Hollow party.

She got to see her grandparents and her cousins and I got to see my mom, which made me so happy!

I was just so excited to give my daughter such a special 4th birthday party. I hope she will never forget it…but just in case, I took almost 300 pictures to remind her.

This is not the best but it’s my favorite…my beautiful firstborn fairy.